NCA Coffee Summit 2014
October 28 - 30, 2014

Hyatt Regency Boston
Boston, Massachusetts



Single-Cup Format 2014

The Single-Cup Format 2014

This 2014 edition gives statistical analysis on consumer behaviors and attitudes toward single-cup brewing systems and options. The 2014 analysis exposes the impressive growth that has continued due to increased consumer adoption.



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NCA issues position statement on coffee adulteration

The NCA issues position statement on coffee adulteration, countering unsubstantiated media reference spurred by American Chemical Society press release to promote presentation.

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New Review Paper Suggests Coffee Consumption is Associated with a Reduced Risk of Mortality

A new study concludes that coffee helps people live longer. Published in Public Health Nutrition, this “meta-analysis” – that is, a study that reviews many individual pieces of research on the same topic to review findings and also integrate their data to effectively compile a study with a larger subject base – finds a favorable association between coffee and lowered risk of death, especially in women, with the greatest benefits observed for 3 – 5 cups per day. See a press release from the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC) in London.

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NCA Statement on EFSA Draft Acrylamide Opinion

The EFSA draft opinion on acrylamide in food is not intended to express a scientific finding, but rather to solicit public comments toward reaching a research-based conclusion. The draft opinion contains acknowledged limitations in its purpose, scope and content and, in fact, calls for additional research needed to reach a conclusion. The NCA has issued a statement in response to the draft report...learn more >>


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Substantial Growth Ahead for Single Cup, Consumer Attitudes Shifting


Today at the NCA Coffee Summit, Don Holly spelled out how single-cup brewing is revolutionizing the coffee marketplace. Expanding upon data from the NCA’s just-released report, Single-Cup Format 2014 – The Changing Coffee Market: Single Cup & Preparation Methods, his presentation....read more


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NCA's Annual Convention 2014 Sustainability Symposium Video

Watch the informative and thought provoking Sustainability Symposium from the NCA's Annual Convention 2014...Watch Now >>

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NCA Career Center

The National Coffee Association's Career Center is a new online resource that will make it that much easier for professionals to find the best job opportunities in the coffee industry, as well as help employers recruit qualified coffee industry professionals....learn more >>


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