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National Coffee Drinking Trends (NCDT) 2015

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NCA Statement on Diacetyl

Naturally occurring cooking byproduct, controlled by well-established coffee roasting protocols, poses no health risk to workers. Read More.

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"It's All About the People"

Ron Contaxis, NCA's 2015 Volunteer of the Year Award recipient, discusses inclusion, education, and what's next for the Association. Read more >>


Coffee is Americans’ Favored Daily Beverage Next to Water

More than three-quarters of Americans drink coffee, according to the NCA’s 2015 National Coffee Drinking Trends (NCDT) report. Learn More.

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US-Appointed Scientists Say Coffee Is Part of Healthy Diet

The nation's top nutrition panel has endorsed moderate coffee consumption in a new report on proposed changes to U.S. dietary guidelines. This unprecedented recommendation reflects years of positive scientific evidence on coffee and health. Read the NCA Member Alert here.


NCA Chimes in on Nutritional Guidelines

The NCA files a second set of comments with the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC), scientifically supporting caffeine safety as the DGAC considers recommendations for the 2015 U.S. Dietary Guidelines.

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NCA Members Alerts
NCA Files Comments Supporting US Government Position on Coffee

Federally commissioned scientists have concluded that coffee can be part a healthy lifestyle. In its final Advisory Report, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) recommends including coffee...Read More


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NCA's Annual Convention 2014 Sustainability Symposium Video

Watch the informative and thought provoking Sustainability Symposium from the NCA's Annual Convention 2014...Watch Now >>

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NCA Career Center

The National Coffee Association's Career Center is a new online resource that will make it that much easier for professionals to find the best job opportunities in the coffee industry, as well as help employers recruit qualified coffee industry professionals....learn more >>


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