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Monday, October 26               

Triple-Header Coffee Field Trip: Port, Warehouse and Import House Tour
Staten Island, New York

Tour Guides and presenters will include:
Del Bobbish, Yard Operations Manager, PNCT
Jaime Schoenhut, Royal Coffee New York (RNY)
Susie Spindler, Executive Director, Cup of Excellence

The logistics around getting coffee to our shores, and ultimately our cups, is multilayered and complicated—especially so if you are newer, or smaller, company. Come participate in this unique opportunity to better understand this area of the business. Port Newark Container Terminal, RPM Warehouse, and Royal Coffee New York have graciously agreed to host this three-part tour, which will culminate in an illuminating discussion of how RNY and Cup of Excellence created a  “bidding cooperative” for smaller roasters and how this gives them an opportunity to purchase some amazing coffee directly from origin.  Lastly, a special press pot from Lot #16’s Costa Rican Cup of Excellence will be served to round out the amazing day.

Space limited; preregistration required.
Fee: $45 (lunch provided)

Guided Walking Tour of East Village Cafés

Tour Guides: Dennis Dran, Mother Parker's Tea & Coffee; John Moore, Dallis Coffee
An exciting new wave of cafés is transforming the coffee landscape in New York City and we’re going to take you to as many as we can! We’ll sample their coffees, check out their set-ups and take in the overall combination of elements that is making each of these hand-picked locations a unique contributor to coffee quality in the Big Apple. Visits will include Abraço, Ninth Street Espresso and more.

Welcome Reception
Palm Room-Roosevelt Hotel
Join peers and colleagues for a drink as we kick-off our action-packed conference in the bustling yet relaxed setting of this old New York hotel.


Tuesday, October 27

The History of Coffee in New York

Jack Putnam, Historian, South Street Seaport Museum

Coffee has a long and storied history in our nation and as a major maritime hub of commerce and commodities, New York City has been at the center of it from the beginning. This in-depth overview by a noted historian will set the stage for our conference by giving us an appreciation for not only the importance of coffee in New York and the country as a whole, but also a chance to marvel at just how far we have come.

Virtual Tour: Harvesting & Processing At Origin  
Dennis Dran, Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee
Whether you’ve had the opportunity to travel to coffee producing regions or not, you’ll find this virtual tour educational and inspirational. In keeping with our conference goal of hands-on coffee industry tours illuminating the stages of coffee’s journey to our cup, this virtual journey will explore the beginning of that journey.


“Greening” Your Operations: How and Why We Do It and How You Can, Too

Paul Comey, Vice President of Environmental Affairs, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Mike Love, Coffee Lab Roasters

The coffee industry as a whole can become a leader in green operations that save money, win customers and keep regulators at bay. Learn more about how environmental practices are typically best business practices. A focus on the four R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle, recover) through the use of EMS (Environmental Management System) can divert much of the waste stream, resulting in a financial revenue stream. This discussion will offer practical insight for both the roaster and the retail operation that is ready to truly “green” their operation.

How We’re Navigating the Challenges to Run a Successful Coffee Business Today

Stephen Schulman, Director of Business Development, S&D Coffee (moderator)
Oren Bloostein, Owner/Roastmaster, Oren’s Daily Roast
Caroline Bell, Co-Owner, Café Grumpy

The business issues roasters and retailers face in our dynamic industry are multifaceted. No one is better equipped to discuss the journey from start-up to success, and everything in between, than these impressive coffee entrepreneurs. The discussion, moderated by Stephen Schulman of S&D Coffee, Inc. will cover a wide range of relevant business issues and will include a generous Q&A opportunity.

Water-The Other 98.5 % (Tasting Session)

David Beeman & Skip Finley, Cirqua Customized Water
Water quality is perhaps the least well understood major variable in overall cup quality. Seemingly minor changes can make a big difference - for better or worse. Your evaluation of a coffee may differ from another’s (like a producer/exporter/importer’s) based on water quality alone! In this session, experience the difference beverage-quality (and not-so-good) water quality can make, and learn how you can make water quality a cornerstone of overall quality in your business.

Conference Luncheon: Learning from the Successful Collaboration of Producer & Buyer in Guatemala
Roosevelt Room, Roosevelt Hotel

William Hempstead, Director, Anacafé

Guatemala is an origin that has made terrific strides in not only marketing their distinct growing regions, but also in knowing what buyers are looking for, and ultimately in producing coffees that match the various demands. This has led to a growing number of long term producer-buyer relationships that over the years have become ever more attuned to what the buyer wants, and the ability of the producer to provide it - which only makes the relationship ever stronger. William Hempstead will discuss these working relationships between his country's producers and our market, and what might be learned form their success.

Luncheon Ticket: $85.00       

After Lunch Coffee: Cup of Excellence Comparative Tasting

Susie Spindler, Executive Director, Cup of Excellence
After lunch coffee in style! Don’t miss this special opportunity to taste the latest Cup of Excellence winners and be treated to a thoughtful illustration and discussion of the sensory science involved in selecting for excellence. As a rare treat, this tasting will include several Bolivians from the Bolivian Presidential Awards

Concurrent Break-Out Sessions

Session One 2:45 - 3:45 PM

Business Basics, Part One: Managing Your Business Finances

Ed Arvidson, President, E&C Consulting
To roast and/or serve excellent coffee, you need to keep your doors open and your accounts payable current. You need to understand the basic financial fundamentals that can make the difference between a thriving, growing business and a cash-starved, inventory-rich operation that can’t make it to the next cycle, no matter how good the coffee is or the potential for future success. How you set up and manage the financial infrastructure of your business is key and this session will explain the why and the how.

Importing 2.0: Navigating the “C” Market
Jack Purr, Trader, Atlantic (USA), Inc.
Okay, you have a solid basis of coffee knowledge.  Now you want to benefit from more expertise on the fundamental and technical factors that impact the market. This session is for you. You will leave with more understanding of all the information on the daily reports distributed by the commission houses—and a grasp of how to better manage risk by using the ICE Market.

Session Two 3:45 - 5:15 PM

ROASTER ROUNDTABLE: Guided Discussion and Q&A on Key Issues for Roasters
Handpicked experts will lead open discussions, to include:
•   How (and When) to Expand Your Business- build capacity ahead of sales, or increase sales first then increase capacity?
•   Product Development – How to Create and Test new Items, Using Sensory Science for Product Development.
•   Packaging Issues and Innovations, Shelf-life and Quality Testing
•   Innovations and Developments in Roasting
•   And More—Submit Your Topic for Discussion!

RETAILER ROUNDTABLE: Guided Discussion and Q&A on Key Issues for Retailers
Handpicked experts will lead open discussions, to include:
•    The Importance of Creating Community In Your Coffee Shop
•    Marketing for roasted coffee and marketing for brewed coffee – compare and contrast the issues and opportunities.
•    When to self-roast and when to seek a wholesaler co-packer
•    Legal Q&A for coffee retailers
•    And More—Submit Your Topic for Discussion!

Wednesday, October 28

Concurrent Break-Out Sessions 8:00 - 9:30 am

Business Basics, Part Two: Hiring, Training and Retaining the Right People for a Successful Operation

Ed Arvidson, President, E&C Consulting
Your staff is the key to success—and likely your biggest potential liability. This practical session will consider all the major issues around having employees, including hiring practices, legal considerations, benefits, as well as the optimum way to train and motivate your staff for a cohesive and successful operation.

A Better Way To Ship Green Speciality Coffee? A Discussion on Vacuum Packing Coffee in Reusable Bags at Origin
Andrew Miller, President, Café Imports
They don’t claim to be scientists at Café Imports, a highly-regarded speciality coffee importer based in St. Paul, MN, but they do know when an innovation in shipping has made an impact on the quality of the green coffee that arrives at their offices. Andrew Miller will provide the details about the vacuum packing methods they are implementing, the results so far, and how their methods differ from other variations of the idea.

Guided Walking Tour of West Village Cafés (8:00 - 10:00 AM end up at ICE for next session)
Tour Guides: Dennis Dran, Mother Parker's Tea & Coffee; John Moore, Dallis Coffee
An exciting new wave of cafés is transforming the coffee landscape
in New York City and we’re going to take you to as many as we can! La Colombe, Café Grumpy, and more.

Post-Session Tours

Commodities Market Primer & Beginners Cupping at The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) Cupping Room
Steven Colten, Trader, Atlantic (USA), Inc.
This is the “No Question too Basic” session that many of us in the coffee industry need. Why do we need a coffee exchange and what are its basic operations? How is ICE used for green coffee contracts? A cupping for beginners will round out the session.

Triangulation Cupping Workshop at Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) Cupping Room
Mané Alves, Founder, Coffee Lab International and Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea
Think you know your Centrals from your South Americans? Come find out just how skilled you are at determining origin at this blind cupping workshop, led by renowned coffee expert Mané Alves. This session, for veterans and new cuppers alike, will give you a new appreciation for the sensory variations that make different origins unique.

Red Hook Brooklyn Field Trip:
Roaster Tour at Fairway Market & Retail Tour of Fairway Market Coffee Merchandising
(with visits to noteworthy cafés along the way)
You won’t want to miss this tour of the legendary Fairway Market, a powerhouse grocery store with a separate coffee roasting operation. We’ll tour their plant with roaster Benny Lanfranco, then travel down to their store in a converted factory building on the Hudson River, with the best view of the Statue of Liberty you’ve ever had from a parking lot.



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