Drivers and Barriers Report

The National Coffee Association of USA, Inc. 

 Drivers and Barriers to Coffee Consumption
A Supplemental Report of the 2007 National Coffee Drinking Trends 

Learn About:

  • Key Drivers & Hidden Drivers that Impact Coffee Consumption
  • Moods & Attitudes Associated With Coffee
  • Attitudinal Segmentation & Traits
  • The Role Individual Moods & Attitudes Play in Consumption

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The decision to purchase a cup of coffee is the result of a complex set of psychological drivers and barriers. Drivers and Barriers compares the attitudes and moods consumers think affects their drinking habits with those attitudes and moods that actually do impact their behaviors.  This study shows how consumers can be segmented according to unique drivers and barriers, giving marketers more insight into their best customers – the American coffee consumer. With this information they can fine tune their messaging and adjust brand positioning to capitalize on what motivates and inhibits consumer coffee buying decisions.

This report examines the barriers and drivers to coffee consumption among key consumer demographics – age, region, heavy/light/nondrinkers, drinkers of traditional coffee, gourmet coffee, decaffeinated coffee, instant coffee, etc. Drivers and Barriers can provide insight to position your brands, products, services that address key consumer drivers and barriers.  In addition, marketers can develop effective targeted marketing strategies in response to these drivers and barriers.



Here is a sample from the Drivers and Barriers Report:




The Drivers and Barriers to Coffee Consumption report is a valuable resource for anyone who has an interest in coffee:

  • Roasters
  • Retailers
  • Wholesaler/distributors
  • Growers
  • Exporters
  • Importers
  • Libraries
  • Advertising agencies
  • Market research companies
  • Government agencies