FEC 2008-Retailer

Track 2: Retailer Program

Designed for:
• Small to Mid-Sized Retailers, Roasters including Café Owners and Franchisees
• All Coffee Professionals who want to enhance and sustain their coffee business

Smart Design & Equipment for Beginning or Expanding
Tom Moseley, Jr, President, The Moseley Corporation
Margaret Heery, VP National Accounts & Strategic Marketing, Bunn-o-Matic

Learn the facts and long-range implications of different options before you blow your budget on equipment or layouts that you may not need.

Essential Marketing Tips & Tricks
Build it and they will come? Not in the business. It is not enough to create a beautiful cafe and simply open your doors. You must market aggressively, and sometimes the most inexpensive tactics can work wonders for growing your business.
Panel Discussion: "If I Knew Then What I Know Now..." (Lessons You Don't Have To Learn The Hard Way)
Phyllis Jordan, Founder, PJ's Coffee of New Orleans
Pam Chmiel, Owner, Klatch Espresso Bar (New York City)

There are so many expensive mistakes you can make when you are starting or expanding your cafe operation. Come here the lessons learned by these two successful veterans--they'll tell you about their mistakes so you don't have to make them yourself!
Cadillac PR on a Chevy Budget
Joy Patin, J Patin & Associates
Harness the power of the local newspapers, lifestyle magazines, tv programs and more to promote your cafe as a destination.
Creating Community in Your Coffee Shop
Bruce Milleto, Bellissimo Coffee InfoGroup
Until your spot is the spot to be, you're working uphill to drive your business. What are the magic ingredients that go into the kind of customer loyalty that you can depend on in good times and bad?