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 National Coffee Association Centennial Convention
March 16-19, 2011
The Roosevelt Hotel
, New Orleans

 Program Descriptions  

Wednesday, March 16
Coffee Gives Back - National Coffee Association Day of Service

Members of the coffee community will work with City Park, New Orleans on Wednesday, March 16 to do their part to help with the post-Katrina recovery effort. This community service project will focus on landscaping a section of one of the largest urban parks in the United States. Your efforts will make a marked contribution to the cultural and recreational rebirth of New Orleans.

Sponsored By: Atlantic (USA) Inc., Curwood, Eight O'Clock Coffee Company

Thursday, March 17

Guided Walking Tour of French Quarter
The French Quarter is famous for its many independent cafes and coffee shops. We will make a leisurely visit to several local cafes and discuss the similarities, the differences, and what works in each location.
Sponsored by:
South Commerce Group

Coffee, Culture, and Development
Bob Arceneaux, Orleans Coffee Exchange; Peter Martin, M.D., Vanderbilt Institute for Coffee Studies;
Mark Pendergrast, author of “Uncommon Grounds”; Diego Pizano, Universidad de los Andes; Ricardo Villanueva Carrera, Anacafé; Edward Fischer, Vanderbilt Center for Latin American Studies (Moderator)

A public symposium, sponsored by the Vanderbilt Institute for Coffee Studies, Stone Center for Latin American Studies at Tulane and National Coffee Association. Renowned panelists will follow coffee from tree to cup, looking at some surprising connections among history, health benefits, fair trade practices and consumption. This event is open to registered attendees and the general public.

Allied Welcome Reception
Reception Hosts:
Brauner International, Continental Terminals, Inc., Gulf Winds International
Bar Sponsor:
Wilbur Curtis Company
Business Casual Attire

Friday, March 18
Willard Scott - Live Broadcast
Willard Scott will broadcast live from The Roosevelt Hotel’s Crescent City Ballroom Friday, March 18. Scott will wish NCA a “Centenarian Happy Birthday” during his distinctive segment on The Today Show.
Keynote Address
Howard Schultz, chairman, president and chief executive officer, Starbucks Coffee Company

Howard Schultz will reflect on the role of innovation in the specialty coffee market—past, present and future—and Starbucks' own efforts to stay true to its coffee heritage while evolving to reflect a changing marketplace.
Sponsored By:
Plitek, LLC

James Carville and Mary Matalin
All’s Fair: Love, War and Politics

James Carville and Mary Matalin will provide an enlightening and entertaining look at today's most important political issues as well as a behind-the-scenes look at Washington politics.
Spotlight on Producing Countries
Jaime Duque (Colombia); Eduardo Sampaio (Brazil); Dr. Aderemi Banjoko, Eastern Dry Coffee Mill (Africa); Carlos Brando, P&A International Marketing (Moderator)
This session will provide a global view of the market, production, and supply and demand. Panelists representing various producing countries will share their experiences, challenges and new opportunities from the perspective of a producer.

Spouses & Significant Others - Houmas House Tour (Spouse & Significant Other Registration Required)
Sponsored by:
S & D Coffee, Inc

Guests will tour Houmas House Plantation and Gardens, the Crown Jewel of Louisiana's River Road. This world-famous property, is home to lush, exquisite gardens, the historic mansion, and three amazing restaurants that draw thousands of guests each year. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring an appetite, after roaming the sprawling 38-acre grounds, lunch will be provided.
The long and winding road: The transition from economic recovery to expansion
G. Scott Clemons, Managing Director, Chief Investment Strategist, Investment & Wealth Management, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.
After the steepest and longest recession since the Great Depression, the worst now seems to be behind us as the US economy has posted six consecutive quarters of growth. Yet the drivers of economic recovery are rarely the drivers of economic expansion, and the transition between the two is fraught with risk. In this presentation we’ll analyze that transition of economic leadership and consider the new risks confronting investors and decision makers in the next stage of the economic cycle.

Business Luncheon - Ticketed Event ($100)
John Besh, Executive Chef, TV Personality & Cookbook Author, New Orleans Ambassador, Besh Restaurant Group
Sponsored by:

Using Social Media To Solve Common Business Problems
John Moore, Consultant, Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA)
Every business, big or small, can benefit from using social media to acquire new customers, make current customers more loyal, and improve its brand image. Smart businesses are doing that. However, the smartest businesses are also using social media to also provide better customer service, develop new products/services, and improve employee engagement. Learn as John Moore, former marketer with Starbucks and Whole Foods, shares actionable advice on how your business can use social media to drive real business results.
Advanced Coffee Hedging and Trading Using Listed and Over-The-Counter Tools
Adam Ford, Senior VP, Sales,
Macquarie Futures USA Inc. ; Zach Hollick, Derivatives Specialist, Macquarie Futures USA Inc.; Cameron Maloney, Agricultural Commodities, Macquarie Futures USA Inc.
In today’s turbulent economic and political landscape, risk management practices have become critical to the protection and stability of businesses in the coffee sector. The modern tools of the trade, exchange-traded derivatives and over the counter products, are often maligned and misunderstood, but can serve a valuable role in hedging price risk and enhancing profitability. Gain some valuable insights and observations on incorporating options and other derivatives into your risk management toolkit.

Theme Reception - Traditional Crawfish Boil at the New Orleans Board of Trade
Casual Attire
Sponsored by:
Dupuy Storage & Forwarding (Reception Host)
ICE Futures US (Entertainment Sponsor)

Saturday, March 19
Preview: 2011 National Coffee Drinking Trends Study
Michael Edwards, Managing Partner, ART Marketing Insight
NCA has been conducting market research since 1950 and is uncontested as the definitive source of consumer coffee-drinking trends information. Convention attendees are privileged to preview the latest, highly-anticipated data, which will not be available in published form until early May. Conducted in January and February of 2010, this research will be up-to-the-minute data on American coffee-drinking habits.

Acrylamide, Coffee & Health
Norm Ouellette, NCA Scientific Advisory Committee Member, VP Research & Development, Starbucks Coffee Co.;
Craig Llewellyn, Research Principal, Global Toxicology-Scientific Affairs, Kraft Foods North America; Sandy McAlpine, President, Coffee Association of Canada; Roel Vaessen, Secretary General, European Coffee Federation

Despite a growing body of evidence around the world suggesting potential health benefits of coffee consumption, recent activity in the State of California may result in the need to warn consumers about Acrylamide as a carcinogen under the provisions of Proposition 65. During this session, speakers will review the relevance of Acrylamide, studies done on coffee to reduce its level, regulatory developments in the US, Canada and the EU and additional “heat generated toxicants” of possible concern. The session will conclude with an update on positive health effects research that continues to strengthen the case for coffee consumers.
Revolution & Evolution: How Cup of Excellence Has Changed the World of Coffee
Susie Spindler, Executive Director, Cup of Excellence
Cup of Excellence has been revolutionary for the global specialty coffee industry. A few innovative ideas and focused activities have resulted in a steady evolution in quality selection and preservation, cupping techniques, transparency, marketing, pricing, direct sourcing and even global shifts in demand. What have we learned through 60 competitions and auctions? What have been the biggest surprises and milestones? Where are we headed? Join the conversation; join the revolution.
Spouses & Significant Others - New Orleans City Tour (Spouse & Significant Other Registration Required)
New Orleans is home to notable neighborhoods and districts - each with their own unique heritage and culture. Guest will explore a number of these communities, including the Lower 9th Ward, where the renewal and growth of the once devastated community will be highlighted. Get a taste of the real New Orleans on this tour highlighting the history, lifestyle, and nature of this classic city.
Water Chemistry and Its Effects on the Brewed Beverage
Skip Finley, Technical Director, Cirqua Customized Water
This lab will be a hands-on water comparative in which the attendees will have the opportunity to create different water chemistries and evaluate their effects on the overall flavor of the brewed beverage. During the session you will discuss the value of a water quality standard for the repeatability of flavor profiles through the entire chain of custody.
Nescafé Plan - Panel Discussion
Nicolas Huillet, Nescafé Plan Manager, Strategic Beverage Business Unit;
Diego Pizano, Universidad de los Andes; Sabrina Vigilante, Director, Markets and Sustainable Value Chains, Rainforest Alliance
The Nescafé Plan, a partnership developed by Nestlé, 4-C Association and Rainforest Alliance, incorporates sustainability standards with Nestlé’s long-term commitment to creating value across the supply chain. The panel will discuss the challenges and benefits of this direct procurement strategy and how it affects various stakeholders from tree to cup.
Food Safety Modernization Act
Ryan Shadrick-Wilson, Associate, Hogan Lovells
The recent passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act marks the most sweeping changes to food safety law in more than 70 years. The coffee industry will need to implement new processes and standards to meet the new requirements. Join Hogan Lovells expert counsel for a briefing on the Food Safety Modernization Act with a focus on the coffee industry.
International Women's Coffee Alliance Fundraiser
Fundraising Luncheon (Ticketed Event) This year’s event will feature Phyllis Johnson, President of BD Imports and IWCA Board Director. Phyllis will present Africa-Aiming Forward and inform attendees about the great work taking place in the African coffee industry. A portion of the ticket sales will be donated to IWCA. Click
here for more information and to purchase tickets.
The Ultimate Barista Challenge "Showdown" in New Orleans
Heather Perry, Klatch Roasting, UBC Champion; David Buerher, Greenway Coffee & Tea, UBC Champion; Sherri Johns, Whole Cup Coffee Consulting

Watch an exciting tableside Ultimate Best of Brew "French Press" Challenge and a Coffee Cocktail Challenge! The Ultimate Barista Challenge® is part Iron Chef and part American Idol, while supporting “quality brewing standards.” Two Ultimate Barista Champions go head to head, brew to brew using French Press coffees to craft their creative coffee brews & coffee cocktails while judges evaluate and Master of Ceremonies offers lively commentary. The Ultimate Baristi will share expertise, inspiration and motivation to personalize this "alternative" coffee experience not seen anywhere but at the UBC!.
Sponsored by:
Probat Burns

The Centennial Convention closing event will be the held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Westfeldt. The Westfeldt's have graciously offered their home in the historic Garden District for this momentous occasion. Please note that the attire is "Casual Chic" and there are no reserved tables. Transportation will be provided from The Roosevelt Hotel.

Chairman's Reception (Westfeldt Home)
Sponsored by:
Farmer Brothers Coffee (Host)

Annual Banquet (Westfeldt Home)
Sponsored by:

Host: Westfeldt Brothers
Entertainment: Wilbur Curtis Company
Wine: Deli Cafe; N.J. Douek; UltraFlex Packaging Corporation
Centerpieces: New England Coffee Company; UltraFlex Packaging Corporation
Hand Rolled Cigars: Armenia Coffee Corporation