Honorary Lifetime Members


Arthur Anisansel


Joseph Apuzzo

George Boecklin

Edward Bransten

Jack Durland

John Heuman

Paul Keating

Robert McGarvey

Manuel Rosen

Andrew A. Scholtz

Marvin H. Schur

H. Grady Tiller

Gregory W. White


Lifetime Honorary Membership Process


  • Nominees must have worked for a member company or the National Coffee Association during their career.
  • Nominees must have made significant contributions to the National Coffee Association.

Nomination Process

  • A letter of nomination from someone employed by an NCA member in good standing must be submitted to NCA for a candidate to be considered for Honorary Membership.
  • The letter of nomination must include the nominee’s employment history in coffee industry – including companies worked for and job titles;
  • The current employment status of nominee;
  • A description of the nominee’s significant contributions made to the National Coffee Association and any  significant accomplishment(s) that benefited the coffee industry more generally; and
  • The names of two sponsors in addition to the person submitting the nomination.
  • For nominees to be considered as recipients at the next annual convention, all letters of nomination and any supporting material a nominator wishes to include with the letter of nomination must be submitted (postmarked) to the NCA headquarters office by June 30th of the year prior to the date of the convention.

Selection Process

  • The Board of Directors shall review nominations for Honorary Membership.
  • In accordance with the bylaws, the actual awarding of Honorary Membership is dependent upon three-quarters of the full Board of Directors voting in favor of bestowing Honorary Membership.

Honorary Membership Benefits

  • Complimentary Coffee Reporter Newsletter Subscription
  • Complimentary Basic Registration at NCA Annual Convention