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Risk Management: Volatility and You

February 16, 2012


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Market volatility is a reality of the global commodities market and that includes coffee.  Understanding the implications of volatility and risk isn't just for brokers and traders - it important to you too.  Uncertainty can impact your business whether you are an Importer, Exporter, Roaster, Retailer, Manufacturer or Producer.

Topics included:

  • Why managing risk is critical for all segments of the coffee industry
  • Why you should pay attention no matter what the size of your company
  • Risk management concepts and terminology
  • How supply and demand create unpredictability and price volatility
  • Some common tools used in mitigating risk
  • Tips and strategies for developing a risk management program

The Presenters:

For additional information or questions please contact Graham Hill at grhill@ncausa.org

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