Ethnicity and Coffee



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In recent years, both the Hispanic-American and African-American populations have grown at a faster rate than the general U.S. population.

In fact, these two population segments now make up nearly one-third of the total U.S. population.

What does this growth mean to the coffee industry?

More importantly, what does it mean for you and your business?

How you handle this change in the population is up to you. You can wait to see how emerging coffee drinking trends will affect your business over the next year ... or three ... or five ... and make your business decisions then.

Or, as a savvy business person, you can take a proactive look at what the data is telling you right now ... and begin TODAY to work on your business plan for 2013 and beyond.

Whether you're a marketer, roaster, manufacturer, trader, wholesaler or distributor, Ethnicity and Coffee: Focus on Hispanic-American and African-American Coffee Consumption Across the U.S. Market is the study that will help you understand  how your customer base will change in the near future, show you how to market your brand more effectively and guide your strategic thinking for the upcoming years.

One thing for certain: Ethnicity and Coffee is a report that you can't afford NOT to own.

Right at your fingertips, you'll get answers to key questions like the following:

  • Gourment coffee drinking is on the rise, but one segment among Hispanic American, Caucasian and African American coffee drinkers consumes significantly less gourmet coffee than the other two. Which one is it?

  • Single serve brewing continues to grow in the U.S. Which segment of the market, however, is not using single serve brewers? And what does that mean to you?

  • Instant coffee sticks are still a niche product, but are getting a foothold among one group of coffee drinkers in particular. Who are they?

With so much valuable information and data available in the 107-page Ethnicity and Coffee report, you owe it to yourself -- and your business -- to order your copy today. Why wait?

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