The Next Generation Coffee Professionals Mentor program is a valuable opportunity for Next Gen members to team up with experienced and knowledgeable coffee professionals. This unique experience will give participants a chance to seek career advice and get help navigating challenges .

As the Next Generation starts to gain experience and start climbing the ladder of success, they are faced with a number of new challenges and responsibilities. These challenges can seem overwhelming and stressful, but with advice and guidance from a mentor, you can be reassured that you have a resource willing to help. Mentors have learned from past experiences, either through successes or failures, and can impart their real-world wisdom.

Yet, the benefits of having a mentor go well beyond their knowledge and advice. They also provide resources, opportunities, connections and contacts of important people in the coffee industry. Therefore, the impact that a mentor can have on a career is immeasurable.

For more information on the Next Generation Coffee Professionals' Mentor Program, please contact Matthew Cariani at mcariani@ncausa.org.