Next Generation Coffee Professionals' Member's List

Name Position Company Email
Matthew Cariani Manager of Member Value & Engagement National Coffee Association mcariani@ncausa.org
Janet Colley Morse Business Development Director Dupuy Storage & Forwarding, LLC JColley@DupuyStorage.com
Ethan Feuer Vice President LMZ Soluble Coffee Inc ETF@lmzco.com
Frank Gaviña Green Coffee Buyer F. Gaviña and Sons, Inc. Frank.Gavina@gavina.com
James Jenkins Coffee Trader Louis Dreyfus Commodities James.Jenkins@LDCom.com
Samantha Keane Coffee Trader Balzac Brothers and Company samantha@balzacbrothers.com
Alma Likic Marketing & Opportunity Development Specialist Plitek, LLC alma.likic@plitek.com
Joseph Masucci Coffee Trader Mitsui Foods International J.Masucci@mitsuifoods.com
Ashley Prentice Business Development Manager Ally Coffee ashley@allycoffee.com
Shelby Westfeldt Coffee Trader Westfeldt Brothers Inc. shelby@westfeldtcoffee.com

For more information on the Next Generation Coffee Professionals' Member List, please contact Matthew Cariani at mcariani@ncausa.org.