2014 NCA Annual Convention

103rd NCA Convention
March 20-22, 2014

The Ritz-Carlton New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana




Session: Pre-Conference Symposium "Beyond the Buzzword: A 360° Look at Sustainability -- Diverse Routes to a Common Destination"

David Browning, Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, TechnoServe
Linda Butler, Coffee Sustainability Manager, Nestlé S.A.
Juliette Caulkins, Director of Emerging Sustainable Markets, UTZ Certified
Tim Faveri, Director of Sustainability and Responsibility, Tim Hortons
Presentation (PDF)
Jennifer Gallegos, Director of Business Development, Fair Trade USA
Tracy Ging, Director of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, S&D Coffee & Tea
Kelly Goodejohn, Director of Ethical Sourcing, Starbucks
Gary Gultekin, Senior Director of Global Strategic Sourcing & Sustainable Procurement, Mondelez International
Cornel Kuhrt, Senior Manager of Food Corporate Responsibility, Tchibo
Alex Morgan, Senior Manager of North America for Sustainable Agriculture, Rainforest Alliance
Presentation (PDF)
Kyle Newkirk, Vice President of Global Sourcing, S&D Coffee & Tea
Robert Waggwa Nsibirwa, Chairman, 4C Association
Rick Peyser, Director of Social Advocacy and Coffee & Agricultural Community Outreach, Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.
Curt Reintsma, Partnerships Specialist, USAID
Jan von Enden, General Manager, EDE Consulting & Hanns R. Neumann Foundation
Presentation (PDF)


Session: FSMA Update: On the Books and In the Field

Maile Gradison Hermida, Associate, Hogan Lovells US LLP
Presentation (PDF)

Donald Pisano, Senior Vice President, American Coffee Corporation
Presentation (PDF)


Session: Coffee and Liver Health: A Growing Nexus

Speaker: Dr. Morris Sherman, Chairman, Canadian Liver Foundation
Presentation (PDF)


Session: Insights from the Consumer World

Speaker: Kevin Sinnott, Founder and Host of CoffeeCON
Presentation (PDF)


Session: Coffee, Front and Center: The NCA Consumption Promotion Campaign

MJ Wyatt, Owner, Wyatt Communications
Presentation (PDF)

Michael Haft and Harrison Suarez, Former Active Marines, Coffee Enthusiasts, Bloggers, Author
Presentation (PDF)


Session: California's Proposition 65: The Battle Continues

Speaker: Mark Corey Ph.D., Research & Development Team Leader in Product Development, Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.


Session: Environmental Challenges: Coffee Leaf Rust and The Potato Defect

Tim Schilling, Executive Director, World Coffee Research
Presentation (PDF)

Susie Spindler, Executive Director, Alliance for Coffee Excellence
Presentation (PDF)


Session: Position Management for Coffee Roasters

Speaker: David Joelson, Senior Vice President, iRely
Presentation (PDF)


Session: Diversity & Inclusion's Role in Stimulating Innovation

Speaker: Tony Byers Ph.D., Director of Global Diversity & Inclusion, Starbucks


Session: Industry Overview: In-Home, At-Work, Food Service and Restaurant

Speaker: Samuel Nahmias, Chief Operating Officer, StudyLogic
Presentation (PDF)


Session: Financial State of the Economy & Outlook

Speaker: Scott Clemons, Chief Investment Strategist, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.
Presentation (PDF)


Session: Air Quality Management: Keeping State Regulations Under Control

Speaker: Karl Schmidt, President, Probat Burns
Presentation (PDF)


Session: Sneak Preview: National Coffee Drinking Trends 2014

Speaker: Allen Whitehouse, Director of Consumer Insights & Strategy, Kraft Foods


Session: Coffee and Climate

Speaker: Fernando Gast Ph.D., Director of Scientific and Technological Research, Cenicafé


Session: Emerging Markets, Currencies and Coffee Prices

Speaker: Keith Flury, Agricultural Strategist, BNP Paribas
Presentation (PDF)


Session: Cupping for All Levels

Speaker: Stephen Schulman, Director of Business Development, S&D Coffee & Tea