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Beyond the Buzzword: A 360° Look at Sustainability
Diverse Routes to a Common Destination

Thursday, March 20 – 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Sustainability is a core principle that puts business acumen into the service of social responsibility. It’s a concept that companies in many industries are eager to embrace and deploy. Yet, in many ways, sustainability has become a catchphrase divorced from its underlying intent and principles

Why? Aside from sloppy definitions and overuse, the term also carries a cachet that makes it a “must” for companies to adopt. It’s also a vague and overly broad term that is, at best, a catch-all and, at worst, a buzzword.

But, it’s also a multi-faceted concept with complex social, economic and environmental components. And, as more and more attention is devoted to sustainability by industry, NGOs, charities and governments, the term is being further muddied by the sheer variety of approaches being taken to achieve its intent.

As a prequel to its 103rd annual Convention, the NCA is presenting a comprehensive program to peel back the layers and take a 360-degree look at the elements and approaches behind the buzzword.

How do I register?

The NCA Symposium is included free with your regular convention registration as an added benefit to our members and the industry.  Simply choose the symposium from the menu of items when you register. 


Program Agenda

Registration & Networking Continental Breakfast (8:00 - 8:30 am)

Opening Welcome Remarks (8:30 - 8:40 am)

Sesson I

Certification: The Role & Impact of Sustainability Standards (8:40 - 9:30 am)

Representatives of the major certifications will be asked to compare and contrast sustainability standards and react to findings of the KPMG/Hanns R. Neumann Foundation’s Sustaineo Report.

Robert Waggwa Nsibirwa, Chairman, 4C Association
Jennifer Gallegos, FairTrade USA
Jan von Enden, General Manager, EDE Consulting & Hanns R. Neumann
Alex Morgan, Senior Manager, North America, Rainforest Alliance
Juliette Caulkins, Director, Emerging Sustainable Markets, UTZ Certified

David Browning, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, TechnoServe

Session II

Integration: Cross-Platform Industry Solutions (9:35 - 10:25 am)

Program leaders of major industry programs, which cross established certification standards, will detail their efforts and debate the similarities and differences, as well as the merits and outcomes, of their respective programs in the context of the shared goal of industry cooperation.

Linda Butler, Coffee Sustainability Manager, Nestlé
The Nescafé Plan
Tim Faveri, Director, Sustainability & Responsibility, Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership
Kelly Goodejohn, Director, Ethical Sourcing, Starbucks Coffee Company,
C.A.F.E.  Practices
Gary Gultekin, Senior Director of Global Strategic Sourcing & Sustainable Procurement, Mondelez International
Tracy Ging, Director, Sustainability & Social Responsibility, S&D Coffee & Tea

Session III

Collaboration: Cross-Sector Partnering Organizations (10:55 - 11:45 am)

Authorities from government and cross-industry partnerships will describe the contributions collaborative programs can make to achieving sustainability as the third driving vector, one that incorporates many of the best qualities of both certification and industry approaches. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) will detail U.S. government-driven efforts, while industry drivers of independent collaborative programs, including a parallel from the cocoa industry, will discuss the successes, failures and lessons learned from these ambitious programs.


Curt Reintsma, Mission/Office Director, USAID
Kyle Newkirk, Vice President, Global Sourcing & Innovation, S&D Coffee & Tea
World Cocoa Foundation
Rick Peyser, Director of Social Advocacy & Coffee Community Outreach, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Food Security Coalition
Cornel Kuhrt, Senior Manager, Food Corporate Responsibility, Tchibo 

David Browning, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, TechnoServe      

Features and Benefits of attending the NCA Symposium

You will hear:

•Moderator led sessions that cut through the clutter and get to the real issues and opportunities
•Thought provoking dialogue from leading experts representing industry, NGO, and government entities
•Revealing information, engaging speakers, knowledge you can use

You will learn:

•The impact certifications have in achieving sustainable outcomes
•About industry-led programs and platforms meant to address sustainability challenges in the environmental, social, and economic realms
•How pre-competitive collaboration will lead the way to a sustainable future for the entire supply chain